How do you get rid of cockroaches

Roach Blaster

Australias most trusted way to get rid of cockroaches. Guaranteed for 6 months to kill all cockroach infestations by the colony. Roach Blaster is a highly effective granule based formula with a built in attractant that lures cockroaches to their final meal. Once eaten 93% of cockroaches that come in contact with the effected roach will die.

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How to get rid of cockroaches


Roach Blaster is possibly the only product of its kind that is purely designed to kill the whole colony of cockroaches within 7 to 10 days. Much more effective than the common roach spray which only kills cockroaches that are sprayed directly or those roaches that walk in the path of the sprayed areas leaving the most important area, the nest, untouched. Once dried the cockroach spray will be ineffective. Also another common occurrence with roach sprays is that cockroaches grow immune to them so fighting against these pests is an ongoing battle.

How does it work?

Once applied near roach infestations such as kitchens and bathrooms Roach Blaster will begin to attract the cockroaches. When applied correctly, roaches will find the roach bait and feast on the contents vigorously. Tests have proven that one infected cockroach will kill 93% of cockroaches it comes in contact with.

Cockroaches are foragers; they have two major forms of communication amongst each other. One is by scent they leave to find their way back to the nest or follow other cockroaches scents, another major form of communication is done by touch, so they will generally touch one another to smell and taste any new food found by roaches they come in contact with.

Roaches have a wax coating that is very sticky. Roach Blaster will stick to their coat so the contents will be dispersed around the areas they venture. The mixture of their scent and droppings of Roach Blaster is the secret to killing them by the colony.

Once weakened to the point of near death, most roaches will return to the nest and spend the last few hours there. When the new generation is born, the first meal they will have is the carcass of the dead cockroaches, which in turn will be their last meal too. This is how Roach Blaster was designed to "Kill Cockroaches by the Colony".

How to apply Roach Blaster

Each pack of Roach Blaster has 4 smaller satchels inside. A satchel can be divided into 4-5 portions. Place a portion every 2-3 feet in the roach infested areas. Leave the contents for 2-3 weeks before removing although removing is not really necessary. Within 7-10 your roach infestations will be cured.

It is important not to get the contents wet so in a commercial kitchen environment the contents should be placed in areas that will not get hosed down. Shelves are a great place to apply but if you must apply on the floor, then it is suggested to apply contents into small lids such as takeaway food container lids or thickened cream lids.

Areas most cockroaches like to live and breed

Heat and moisture is the ideal haven for a cockroach so be sure to apply contents behind your fridge, sink cabinets and under or behind your oven. A cockroach will also enjoy foraging through your food storage areas so be sure to apply a portion every 2-3 feet in the back of all kitchen cabinets that contain food.


Although you may see roaches on your floors and kitchen cabinets they will most of the time have a nest elsewhere. Our research has found that cockroaches often have nests behind wall tiles or in electrical components. The warmth, darkness and ability not to be disturbed are what attract cockroaches to these locations.


There is no need to apply Roach Blaster into the nest as it is almost impossible to find however when applied into the areas mentioned above, the cockroaches will do all the work for you by living their last days in the nest.


Roach Blaster Guarantee


Roach Blaster is guaranteed twice as long as our nearest competitor. We will guarantee to kill the whole colony of cockroaches for 6 months. As results may vary depending on roach infestation levels and the size of your home we will guarantee Roach Blaster if you have purchased 3 packs or more for home use and 5 packs or more for commercial use.

We have invented a near perfect product and our sole goal is to kill the colony of roaches in your home. You will be so pleased with the results that you will be telling your friends about how Roach Blaster has helped you solve the infestation at your home.


IF you have any questions about our range of incredible products you may email us by clicking here. We will endevour to respond within hours.



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